Calamus Consort: Music for and by the Emperors at the court of Vienna

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Un dolce Affano ...
Music for and by the Emperors at the court of Vienna (Caldara, Fux, Ariosti and Kaiser Joseph). Calamus Consort ( Ernst Schlader, Markus Springer, Heidi Gröger, Mario Aschauer) and soprano Michaela Riener.

The prodigious flowering of musical culture in the Imperial Court of Vienna in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is undoubtedly a phenomenon unique in the history of the city: four successive emperors were themselves in their leisure time active musicians, and also enjoyed an excellent reputation as composers! This Cd shows us their musical world, with music both by the emperors and by their court composers. The wonderful soprano Michaela Rieder performs a choice of the arias from operas that were staged at the Viennese court. As the founding members of the Calamus Consort are specialists of the early clarinet, they have chosen to perform fascinating pieces which involve chalumeaux and 18th century clarinets. All members of the group are often per- forming as soloists all over Europe, but also in ensembles and orchestras. They teach as lecturers in Vienna University, the Royal Academy of Music, Trossingen and the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Frankfurt am Main.

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