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A late medieval mass on the RYSUM ORGAN

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Een laat-middeleeuwse mis op het historische orgel van Rysum, door Lorenzo Ghielmi en het ensemble Biscantores.

Works by Johann Walter, Hans Buchner, Josquin Desprez, Nicolaus Cracoviensis, Heinrich Finck, Nicolaus Cracoviensis, Heinrich Isaac, Tylman Susato and from the Cracow Tablature, the Tablature of Joannes de Lyublyn, the Oldenburg Tablature, the Buxheim Organ Book and the Adam Ileborgh Tablature. In the German village of Rysum, in East Frisia, a precious instrument is preserved: an ancient organ, built in 1442/1513, which still has most of the original pipes. Lorenzo Ghielmi and the vocal ensemble Biscantores present a sort of “organ Mass”, where organ pieces and liturgical chant alternate according to the practice of the time. A journey between the late Middle Ages and the dawn of the Renaissance - this is how you could describe the musical programme of this CD, set up in collaboration with the musicologist Konrad Küster, which perfectly illustrates the unique sounds of this instrument

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