Nunc Dimittis. Early music from the Düben Collection


Dominik Wörner (bass-baritone) and the Kirchheimer DübenConsort he founded focus in this recording on twelve pieces from the famous Düben collection and document in an exemplary way the enormous versatility of this unique collection, which was only discovered by chance in the 19th century. Ten composers from Schütz (his Nunc dimittis can be heard in an arrangement by Gustav Düben) to Capricornus and Pallavicino – including two anonymous authors – span a chronological arc over 80 years of eventful European music history from 1640 to 1720. Six instrumental pieces are combined with six vocal scores to form a multi-faceted programme, most of which have been recorded for the first time on this CD. Under the direction of Jörg-Andreas Bötticher, the ensemble, which is made up of top-class specialists from the early music scene, succeeds in producing inspiring interpretations in the then widespread consort formation of two violins, two viola da gamba, violone, theorbo, dulcian and organ. Dominik Wörner presents himself here once again in top form – a very rewarding treasure trove of repertoire, which has been successfully and extremely skilfully brought to life!

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