L'Arte della Scordatura


With this CD, violinist Mayumi Hirasaki, who has been Concerto Köln’s concertmaster since 2011, explores the chameleon-like possibilities of her instrument: when playing with scordatura, instead of the usual fifths interval between the violin strings, an alternative is used in which at least one string is tuned to a different pitch. This results in completely new sonic and harmonic possibilities, which Mayumi Hirasaki presents in works by Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber, Biagio Marini and Giuseppe Tartini, among others - sometimes highly virtuosic, sometimes dance-like or cantabile. The colourful continuo group includes Lorenzo Ghielmi (harpsichord), Christoph Urbanetz (viola da gamba), Michael Freimuth (lute, theorbo, baroque guitar) and Johannes Loescher (violone).

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