Seicento: The Virtuoso Early Italian Violin


Early Italian Virtuoso solo Music for violin.

Imaginarium Ensemble
Enrico Onofri, violin | Alessandro Palmeri, cello | Simone Vallerotondo, archlute & theorbo | Federica Bianchi, harpsichord & organ

Works by
Girolamo Kapsberger | Biagio Marini | Aurelio Virgiliano | Bartolomeo de Selma e Salaverde | Giovanni Battista Fontana | Marco Uccellini | Francesco Rognoni Taegio | Giovanni Antonio Pandolfi Mealli | Bartolomeo Montalbano | Alessandro Stradella

Small size, four gut strings, a short bow were at beginning the ingredients of the magic. Such magic happened in Italy, the cradle of the violin, during the seventeenth century. “Seicento!” is therefore a multifaceted time-travel through the Early Baroque, from Venice to Sicily, exploring the wonders of the first violin virtuosos and their dexterous-passionated playing. A collection of music born looking at Caravaggio, Bernini and Borromini’s masterworks.

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