Tartini - Nardini : Arco Magno/ Marie Rouquié


Sonatas and concerto by Tartini and Nardini by baroque violinist Marie Rouquié

On tackling the works of Giuseppe Tartini, a player immediately notices an inconsistency: Tartini was a major personality of his period, a virtuoso violinist, a prolific composer, an excellent teacher – and his music is hardly ever performed today. He was called maestro delle nazioni, for he trained the great violinists of the Classical period from throughout Europe; he also left behind an astonishingly original violin method, as well as a body of work for violin that has not yet rendered up all its treasures. Tartini’s objective was singularly clear: to train, to master and summon as often as possible the little something that moves the listener on hearing music; the moment we can hear another thousand times, and which will have the same effect on us each time. Tartini termed this la verità di natura, the truth of Nature.

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