Georg Philipp Telemann : Trios for oboe, bass and treble viol and harpsichord, performed by Paul Dombrecht, Wieland Kuijken and Robert Kohnen

Just like most German composers of his time, Telemann was very well acquainted with the stylistic developments in the other European countries, Italy and France in particular, and in his own compositions he assimilated the various national styles: the Lully Ouverture, the stylized French dances and the Italian trio sonata and concerto. Telemann’s contribution to these forms and genres was fruitful, of a high technic level and highly inventive level. The Telemann catalogue contains a mass of chamber music works. His oeuvre is so diverse, partly because he was always engaged in all kinds of activities. he wrote music for the church, for the court, for the city and for the opera, in all existing genres. The trios with concertante Harpsichord on this recording come from his collection of 'Essercizi Musici. Beside Robert Kohnen on the solo harpsichord, the second harpsichord that performs the basso continuo is played by Michèle Devérité, and the viola da Gamba that playes the basso continuo whilst Wieland Kuijken is performing his solos is Kaori Uemura. The star of the recording is of course also Paul Dombrecht, one of the undisputed pioneers of the baroque oboe performance practice.

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