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We need your personal information to deliver your order. We take care of it and keep it safe.This privacy policy may change and we recommend that you review this privacy policy regularly.This privacy policy was last modified on July 3, 2018.

Who are we ? is a website of the bvba Musurgia, located at Wolstraat 20, 1000 Brussels. VAT / Company number: BE 0443 895 061. For all questions about privacy and others you can contact us via

What are personal data?

Personal data is all data that can be traced to you as an individual. Just think of your name, phone number, address or e-mail address. But also data such as your IP address or customer number are personal data. And other data that are unique to you, such as your order history or browsing habits.

How do we get this data?

We get the information from you when you visit our website, create an account and fill in certain information or when you contact our customer service.

What Personal Data Does Passacaille Collect and for how long they are stored?

Data for processing your order

We collect your name, e-mail address, delivery address, payment details and your telephone number.

This information is required to execute the agreement you have made with us. Under the law, we must keep the data related to your order for 7 years.

Personal Data in your account

In your personal account we store the following information: your name, (delivery address, place / place / address) address, telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth (if you have specified it), payment details.

In your account we also store your order history including selected delivery options and your email and personalization preferences. To make the lives of our customers easier, we store the data in your account as long as you stay an  active customer with us. If you have not logged in with us for 7 years, we will delete all your data. In addition, you can make a request at any time to have your data deleted by sending an email to

Data connected to our Customer service

You can always contact us via email. We keep the information about customer contact cases as long as you are an active client with us.

Information for the proper functioning of our website

To ensure that our website works properly, we collect your IP address, information about your internet browser, any language settings and information about the settings of the operating system of the computer or the mobile device with which you visit us.

Personalized e-mails

If you give us permission, we can email you information such as the release information of new CDs. If you prefer not to receive this type of information, you can opt out in your account settings.

Data to prevent fraud

To prevent security incidents and fraud, we use personal data (including IP addresses and search, surfing and buying behavior) to investigate, prevent and prevent unauthorized access and fraud.

Social media

If you use social media such as Facebook, you can share articles with your friends via 'like and share' buttons. We cannot access your social media account. We advise you to read the privacy policy of the social media involved so that you know how your data is used and how you can adjust your settings.

With Whom do we share your personal data?

Logistical partners

In order to be able to complete your order, we work together with logistics partners, such as BPost. These partners receive your name and delivery address from us. They need this information to deliver your package to the address you have chosen.

Other external service providers

We also engage other external service providers to help with different things. Sometimes they also need personal data. We only share those data that are necessary for the assignment which the external service provider performs for us. We do not sell your data to these service providers or other third parties. And with all external service providers, we conclude agreements in which we agree on what they can and cannot do with the data.

The type of work that our external service providers carry out for us are:

- supporting the delivery of our digital services such as the hosting, maintenance and support of our websites and applications;

- supporting our customer service;

- providing financial services, such as payment services;

With the Government

Sometimes we have to pass on personal data to government agencies to comply with law enforcement requests and other legal obligations, such as the tax authorities, police or judiciary in case of fraud or abuse. Certain supervisors may also have access to personal data in the context of an investigation

Where do we store your personal data?

We store your data within the European Economic Area ("EEA"). However, it is possible that certain data we collect is transmitted to or stored at a destination outside the EEA, for example because one of our external service providers is located there. When this happens, we ensure that this happens in a safe and lawful way.

How do we secure your Personal Data ?

During the transfer, the data are protected via an encrypted connection. The data are also encrypted as much as possible for storage. The server is located in a professional datacenter (from OVH), with protected access and fire protection. Regular backups are taken. All persons who come into contact with your data are bound to comply with this privacy policy

What Choices And Rights Do You Have Regarding Your Personal Data?

The right to be informed

You have the right to an understandable and transparent explanation of how we handle your personal data and which rights you can exercise in that connection. In this privacy policy we have therefore explained in detail what information we collect from you and how we handle your data.

The right of inspection

You have the right to request access from us at any time in the data that we have available about you. You can request that in your account. We process requests within 30 days at the latest.

The right to correction

You have the right to have your personal data corrected if they are incorrect or outdated and / or to have them supplemented if they are incomplete. You can do this yourself 24/7 in your personal account or send an email to

The right to object

You have the right to object to the processing of your data. This right applies to the data we use for direct marketing. You can ask us to no longer use your data for newsletters. You can change thise settings yourself in your account.

The right to data portability

You have the right to receive your data in a machine-readable format, so that you can keep this data in a database of yours or another party. This concerns your name, address and residence details and order history. We offer you the possibility to download this data in your account.

The right to restriction of processing

You have the right to request restriction of the processing of your data. This means that we may keep your data but do not use it. This right arises in a number of cases. If you are of the opinion that this is the case, you can contact us via

Right to be forgotten / request to delete account

You have the right to request that we remove all information that we have about you. When you submit a request to delete your account, we will remove data that is traceable to you except for the data that we must or may store on the basis of the law. You can request this via an email to

Right to file a complaint

You have the right to file a complaint about how we handle your data. When you have a complaint, we prefer to solve it ourselves. Please contact for this. But you also have the right to contact the Belgium Data Protection Authority.