Hardly known, little recorded: Pedro Rabassa was born in Barcelona in 1683 and, after a long career as Kapellmeister at the cathedral in Seville, died there in 1867. As a series of vocal works and a Sonata para clave show, his music is as attractive as that of the other composers in this programme, which is conducted with great sensitivity by Enrico Onofri. Liveliness but no exaggerated dynamics characterise the interpretations, which are also pleasing because of the magnificent playing of the Seville Baroque Orchestra. The performance of the soprano Julia Doyle is also enchanting. The naturalness of the voice and the warmth of the singing make it particularly charming and delightful. The countertenor Carlos Mena does not succeed in this quite so well, because with him one feels more the effort of technique, which impairs the freedom of singing. Harpsichordist Alejandro Casal plays the Sonata para clave expressively, adding another colour to the production.