Enrico Onofri - Bach: Sonatas & Partitas BWV 1001,1004 & 1006


Johann Sebastian Bach, Sonatas and Partitas. Enrico Onofri, baroque violin

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Sei Solo for unaccompanied violin figure amongst the baroque works on which the performance traditions of the 19th and 20th centuries weigh most heavily. Rediscovered halfway through the 19th century after having been forgotten for more than a century, these works quickly entered the repertoire of works performed by violinists during the Romantic period: from that moment onwards, layer upon layer of performance glosses were imposed on these works, resulting in the monumental performances of them given by the great violinists of the 19th century. These influences have marked the Solo until today. A historically informed performance — or one that is at least the closest possible to how the work would originally have been performed according to the information that we currently possess — should therefore be tasked with removing these glosses; such additions, however, have been so frequently applied and taught that the majority of today’s violinists find great difficulty in removing them.

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