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  • Composer: Vivaldi, Antonio (1678-1741)
  • Composer: Zelenka, Jan Dismas (1679-1745)
  • Composer: de Castro, Jean (c1540-c1600)

BACH SONS • Controcorrente Orchestra

Symphonies of Bach’s Sons by the Controcorrente Orchestra: a new dynamic Italian Baroque Orchestra makes its debut with not mainstream symphonies! As the name indicates, they choose to swim against the current and explore hidden gems of the repertoire. But not only are they original, young, and full of dynamic energy, but the result is also simply stunningly good and makes this music come alive...


BACH sonatas for violin and basso continuo

Sebastian Bach composed many works for violin (besides the pieces for organ and harpsichord, the two instruments he mainly played). He had learned to play the violin as a child and knew its characteristics perfectly well. Unfortunately, the manuscripts of many of his compositions were lost after his death: the three sonatas for violin and basso continuo BWV 1021, 1023 and 1024 are today a small...


Bach Partitas BWV 825-830

The Partitas are the first work for harpsichord published by Johann Sebastian Bach. Between 1726 and 1730, the partitas were published separately, one per year, before being brought together in a single collection in 1731. Shortly after his appointment of Cantor of the Leipzig Thomaskirche, Bach decided to devote his Opus I to a fashionable genre: the harpsichord suite, a series of dances of...


BACH : Leipzig Chorales - Lorenzo Ghielmi

Lorenzo Ghielmi performs the Leipzich ChoralesBWV 651–668, which are a set of chorale preludes for organ prepared by Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig in his final decade (1740–1750), from earlier works composed in Weimar, where he was court organist. The works form an encyclopaedic collection of large-scale chorale preludes, in a variety of styles harking back to the previous century, that Bach...