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Stille Klagen: Bach, Telemann, Buxtehude

Deep remorse and the longing for divine redemption are two of the central topics in the cantatas of Northern German Baroque composers. Griet De Geyter and Il Gardellino have selected three exemplary works in this genre by Dieterich Buxtehude, Georg Philipp Telemann and Johann Sebastian Bach, giving special emphasis to the clearly led voice and striking expressivity of the young Belgian soprano....


The Flemish Connection. Frederik Neyrinck vol. 2

With THE FLEMISH CONNECTION vol. 2, I SOLISTI release a second album with works by their composer-in-residence Frederik Neyrinck. He has mastered the art of writing brilliant and innovative compositions that make the most of the wind ensemble’s wealth of sound colours quite like no other. The setting of texts and stories is a recurring theme throughout this fascinating album. Featured are...



Just like most German composers of his time, Telemann was very well acquainted with the stylistic developments in the other European countries, Italy and France in particular, and in his own compositions he assimilated the various national styles: the Lully Ouverture, the stylized French dances and the Italian trio sonata and concerto. Telemann’s contribution to these forms and genres was...


Un dolce affanno: Music for and by the Emperors at...

The prodigious flowering of musical culture in the Imperial Court of Vienna in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is undoubtedly a phenomenon unique in the history of the city: four successive emperors were themselves in their leisure time active musicians, and also enjoyed an excellent reputation as composers! This Cd shows us their musical world, with music both by the emperors and by...