BACH : Leipzig Chorales - Lorenzo Ghielmi

18,18 €

J.S. Bach: BWV 651–668 interprété par Lorenzo Ghielmi à l'orgue de  San Sempliciano à Milan (construit par Jürgen Ahrend).

Lorenzo Ghielmi performs the Leipzich ChoralesBWV 651–668, which are a set of chorale preludes for organ prepared by Johann Sebastian Bach in Leipzig in his final decade (1740–1750), from earlier works composed in Weimar, where he was court organist. The works form an encyclopaedic collection of large-scale chorale preludes, in a variety of styles harking back to the previous century, that Bach gradually perfected during his career. Together with the Orgelbüchlein, the Schübler Chorales, the third book of the Clavier-Übung and the Canonic Variations, they represent the summit of Bach's sacred music for solo organ.

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