C.P.E. BACH : Oboe Concertos Wq 164 & 165 / Sinfonia Wq 177

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Artist(s):Il Fondamento Paul Dombrecht Composer:C.P.E.Bach

The concertos for oboe and strings Wq 164 and 165 are transcriptions of harpsichord concertos which Bach made in Berlin in 1765: they were very probably performed at a private concert at the court of Frederick the great, which counted a number of excellent oboist among its musicians, like Joachim Wilhelm Dobbert and Johann Christina Jacobi: Bach adapted the harpsichord scores particularly well to the idiom of the oboe. The oboe concertos are certainly not inferior to the harpsichord versions: In the first and last parts of both concertos, solo passages alternate with four or five ritornellos: the central solos are the most elaborate: The flexible use of harmony and contrast foreshadows the development in the sonata form. The slow parts of the concertos bear resemblance to the lied form in several sections. which shows that Bach was an adherent of the Northern German concerto form.

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